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4 Questions to Ask Your Rubbish Removal Company Before Signing a Contract

by Peyton Sanders

In the past, many homes and businesses didn't have much choice when it came to selecting a rubbish removal company. You were often limited to the one or two big chain companies that serviced your specific area.

However, competition within the rubbish removal field has expanded over the years. You can now select a service that suits your specific needs and your type of waste. Having more options also means being more diligent. You wouldn't want to work with a rubbish remover who doesn't come on time or frequently skips appointments.

Here are 4 important questions to ask your rubbish management service before signing a contract.

1. What is your waste disposal strategy?

The first question you should ask the rubbish removal service is what their overall waste disposal strategy is. Where do they dump their wastes after collection? How do they handle dangerous types of waste? Do they recycle? These questions are important because they will affect how much you pay and where your waste actually ends up.

You wouldn't want your company's waste being dumped in a poorly maintained landfill or your recyclables going to waste rather than being reused as necessary.

2. Do you have green initiatives for the company?

Almost every business is becoming aware of the importance of being environmentally sustainable. Your rubbish removal company should have green initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of waste in landfills. In other words, they should be implementing (or looking to implement) new strategies that assist with recycling, treatment and other downstream processes.

In this way, the rubbish removal company becomes your partner when it comes to overall waste management.   

3. How can I save money as your customer?

Cost savings is a top concern among all homes and businesses. When you ask this question, you really mean to find out whether you're getting value for money. Each service you sign up for should contribute to your overall waste management strategy.

For example, regular waste bin collection should be done at the times most convenient to your home or business. This saves unnecessary trips to collect waste, so resources can be diverted towards other services (such as collecting sharps or biological waste).

4. Do you handle special rubbish removal requests?

In the event that you're planning for a move, you may need to get rid of much more waste than normal. Make sure your rubbish removal service can handle special requests that align with your moving timetable. They should be prepared to haul away regular trash, unwanted furniture, bags of recyclables and much more.