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How Long Does Land Surveying Take?

by Peyton Sanders

If you're about to purchase a property, you might be thinking about having a land survey done first. The same might be true if you're selling a property or if you are about to start a big construction or renovation project on the property. No matter why you might be having a land survey done, you might be short on time, and you might be hoping that you can have the survey done promptly. If you're curious about how long it will take to have your land survey done, you'll probably want to ask yourself the following questions.

How Big is the Property?

First of all, as you can probably imagine, the size of your property is going to make a big difference in how long it takes to have a land survey done. If you are simply having a survey done on a small residential lot in a subdivision, for example, the person who is doing the survey can probably get it done in just a couple of hours. On the other hand, if you're having a survey done on a much larger property — such as a large ranch or farm or a large piece of property that you're going to use to develop a subdivision — then it might take days or longer for a land surveyor to get the job done.

Are There Any Challenges?

Some properties are a lot more challenging to survey than others. A property that is flat and that does not have any access issues, for example, is going to be a lot easier to survey than a property that might be made up of bodies of water or swampland. You might already be aware of some of the challenges that your land surveyor is going to face when surveying your property, but there might be other challenges and issues that you don't know about, too.

What Type of Land Survey Are You Having Done?

Lastly, the type of land survey that you are having done will impact the length of time that the survey will take, too. If you're having a basic boundary survey done, for example, it'll probably be quite a bit faster than if you have a topographical survey done.

As you can see, the length of time that it will take to have a land survey done on your property will depend on quite a few different factors. Because of this, it's best to hire the land surveyor as far in advance as possible. After all, the sooner that they get started with your land survey, the sooner they will get finished with it.

For more information on land surveying, contact a professional near you.