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Water Filters You Could Contemplate For Your Irrigation System

by Peyton Sanders

Investing in water filter supplies for your irrigation system is prudent for a couple of reasons. For one, it ensures that the water you are using for your various irrigation applications is contaminant free. Secondly, these water filter supplies prevent debris and particles from making their way into your irrigation system, as these could cause the breakdown of your system. It should be noted, though, that just as there are a myriad of particles and organic matter that could get mixed into your irrigation water, there are also various types of water filter supplies that you could choose from. Here are some of the different types of water filters that you could contemplate for your irrigation system.

Screen water filters

Screen filters are one of the more popular options for individuals looking for a water filtration system for their irrigation system. They are an efficient option if you are looking to eliminate hard particles from your irrigation water, such as sand particles and small rocks. It should be noted, though, that these filters are not designed to eliminate some forms of organic matter, as these could easily pass through the mesh that makes up the screen filter. It is recommended to remove and clean your screen filter once in a while to eliminate any particulates that may have become stuck in the screen mesh. This is easily done by flushing the screen filter with water and tackling lodged materials by washing the screen by hand.

Cartridge water filters

These types of water filters work in the same manner as screen filters because they are simply attached onto the irrigation system. However, cartridge filters tend to cost more since, not only can they filter out hard particles from the water, they can also ensure that organic matter does not make its way into your irrigation water. When purchasing cartridge filters, you could choose to buy reusable filters that can be washed occasionally or opt to buy replaceable filters that would have to be changed out on a regular basis.

Centrifugal water filters

These types of water filters are also referred to as sand separators. This is because they primarily function to eliminate sand particles from your irrigation water. One of the reasons why this type of water filter system is more convenient than its counterparts is that it does not have any screens that require washing or replacing. This is because the sand being eliminated is directed into a collection chamber away from your irrigation water supply. All that would be required of you would be to flush out the collection chamber once it becomes full.