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How Technology Is Helping To Reinvent Concrete Road Kerbing

by Peyton Sanders

When it comes to concrete road kerbing, the latest technology has arrived, and it's redefining the way forward. This should be of particular interest to community developers, as this type of kerbing is a crucial component of modern infrastructure. After all, its primary purpose is to guide motorists and pedestrians while reducing the risk of accidents. What do you need to know about this technology?

Precast Concrete Kerbing

Precast concrete kerbing is a new technology that has revolutionised installation. It involves casting the kerb in a controlled environment before transporting it to the construction site. Precast kerbing has several benefits over traditional on-site casting, including reducing the risk of errors, reducing waste, and improving quality and durability. It can be customised to fit the specific needs of a project, including design, colours, and dimensions.

Slipform Concrete Kerbing

Slipform concrete kerbing is another approach that allows for the efficient and accurate installation of kerbing. Slipform kerbers are sophisticated machines that pour and shape the kerb on-site. Slipform kerbing allows for continuous pouring, resulting in a smooth, uniform finish. This technique is cost-effective and faster and produces less waste compared to traditional methods.

Coloured Concrete Kerbing

Coloured concrete kerbing has gained popularity over the years as it allows for the creation of aesthetically pleasing and unique road kerbing. Coloured kerbing uses pigments to add colour to the concrete mix, producing vibrant and long-lasting solutions. In addition, the pigments used are safe, eco-friendly, and resistant to fading and chipping.

Laser-Guided Concrete Kerbing

Laser-guided concrete kerbing is a technology that involves the use of laser technology to attain precision levels, accuracy, and uniformity during kerbing installation. This involves the use of a laser beam, which provides visual guidance for the machine operator, making it easier to stay on track. Also, the technology ensures that the kerbing is level, straight, and uniform throughout the project.

Integrated Drainage Kerbing

Integrated drainage kerbing is a technology that seeks to enhance the functionality of kerbing. It involves the integration of drainage slots or grates into the kerb design, allowing for efficient and effective surface drainage. This type of kerbing is ideal for areas that experience heavy rainfall, as it reduces the risk of flooding and water damage to properties.

What to Remember

From coloured kerbing to precast kerbing and everything in between, there's a technology for every kerbing need. If you need to install or reinstall concrete kerbing in your community, reach out to contractors who specialise in this area.

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