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How Laser Scanning Can Speed Up Construction Projects

by Peyton Sanders

The integration of laser scanning in all the stages of a construction project can help to shorten the time needed to complete your project. This article discusses some of the specific ways through which the use of laser scanning can expedite your construction project.

Several Construction Teams Can Work Simultaneously

Laser scanning generates a point cloud that can be instrumental in enabling different construction teams to begin work at different ends of the proposed building without any fear that the building may end up misaligned. For instance, people laying pavers on the new property can start at different ends using the point cloud to ensure that the pavers will be perfectly aligned when the different teams meet in the middle of the yard. Thus, work will move at a faster rate than would have been possible if laser scanning hadn't been used to coordinate the work of those different teams working on the different sections of the property.

Use of Prefabrication

The use of laser scanning services during the design phase of the project enables the contractor to have some materials prefabricated. This is because the data from the scans provides accurate details about the ground conditions and the needed elevations of the different building components needed to produce a structurally sound building. This data can then be passed on to manufacturers so that they make customised components that are ready for installation at the construction site. In this way, the building can be completed much faster if sections only need to be assembled instead of being fabricated onsite.

As-Built Verification Is Quicker

Many times, a structural engineer may be needed to verify that a phase of construction has been completed in accordance with the building designs. The traditional verification method can be time-consuming because other phases of the project have to be put on hold until the engineer manually collects data and then approves the completed phases. Laser scanning makes it possible to complete the as-built verification exercise quickly because laser scanners collect data faster than other methods can. This data is then compared automatically with the design data in order to detect any discrepancies. Consequently, approval will be granted quickly so that additional work can commence without lengthy delays.

As you can see, you stand to reap several scheduling benefits, such as lower labour costs, if you make use of laser scanning services from the beginning to the end of your construction project. It is therefore advisable for you to find a laser scanning company that has vast experience in collecting data for the different aspects of construction projects. Such a company will help you to complete the project faster without incurring higher costs.