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Five Renovations to Consider If You're Selling Your Home

by Peyton Sanders

If you're trying to sell your home in a competitive market, you may want to make some key renovations. Whether you're flipping a home or selling your primary residence, take a look at the following suggestions. They just may help you land that sale.

1. New Front Door

When selling a home, curb appeal is key, and a new front door is a fairly straightforward way to improve the visual appeal of the front of your home. If the home is in an area where security is a concern, you may want to think about a security door or screen along with heavy duty locks as well — that could help convince a reluctant buyer.

2. New Bathroom

Bathrooms are often said to be a big factor that buyers consider when getting a new home. If you have dead space in part of your home, where a bathroom makes sense, you may want to talk with a builder about adding a bathroom. Alternatively, you may want to just improve your existing spaces. For instance, updating the tub or shower, adding extra storage, or putting in a second sink are all ideas to consider.

3. More Living Space

In situations where the home is small and the lot is large, you may want to consider a serious renovation such as adding an extension. This can allow you to increase the size of the kitchen, add more bedrooms, improve the lounge space, or put on any additions that make sense in that neighbourhood.

If there isn't room to add an extension to the house, consider adding to the living space outside. In particular, you may want to talk with a builder about adding a nice wood deck to the home or even just a patio. That gives potential buyers a bit more room to spread out.

4. Basement

Does the home have a basement? If the basement is currently unfinished and just for storage, consider finishing all or part of it. Again, this is an easy way to increase the number of bedrooms or add other necessary amenities to the home such as home offices.

5. New Kitchen

Finally, think about the kitchen. Buyers can be very particular when it comes to kitchens, and if your kitchen is old and outdated, that may slow the sale. Talk with a renovator about updating the appliances, adding more storage and putting in a breakfast nook.

For more information, contact a building contractor.