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5 Features to Add to Your Custom Entertainment Centre

by Peyton Sanders

If you want to have a residential carpenter create a built-in entertainment centre for your home, there are all kinds of designs you can choose from. Ideally, you should work with the carpenter to create a design that's right for the style of your interior and your family's lifestyle. Here's some features you may want to integrate.

1. Gas Fireplace

With a built in entertainment centre, the TV usually acts as the centrepiece, but that's certainly not the only option. You can also integrate a gas fireplace. You can ask the carpenter to situate the fireplace in the traditional spot — in the middle of the wall with a mantle above it — or you can opt for a more interesting placement with the gas fireplace slightly elevated or off centre.

2. Inset Lights

Whether you have flames or not, a bit of light can add elegance to your entertainment centre. Inset lights that are tucked into the top of the centre create a warm glow, and they help you avoid having glaring overhead lights on all the time.

You can also talk with the carpenter about putting small display lights as desired on individual shelves or inside cabinets.

3. Custom Storage

Of course, shelves and cabinets are typically a given with an entertainment centre, but you should also work with your residential carpenter to set up custom storage. To decide what you need, think about your lifestyle. For instance, you may want a few drawers to keep paper, pens or TV remotes. You may also want pull out shelves that make it easy to access video game consoles or subdivided shelves inside of cabinets to organise your crafting supplies.

4. Outlets

The television, DVD player, consoles and other equipment needs a bit of power, and so you don't have cords stretching all over the place, you need a few outlets. Think about where you want to put electrics and let your carpenter know so he can wire into those plugs or outsource that work to an electrical contractor. Also, think about future use, and remember to put outlets in a few extra places as well.

Finally, don't just opt for electrical outlets; add some USB ports too.

5. Accordion Doors

Some people commission an entertainment centre for decoration as well as for functional reasons, but others prefer it just for the functional value. If you're in that category, you may want the carpenter to add accordion style doors to the front of the entertainment centre. Then, you can hide everything away as desired.