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Commercial Concreting Options for Your Indoor Market

by Peyton Sanders

Farmers markets are becoming increasingly popular as more people move to sustainable and natural living. Many markets are finding that having an indoor option is best and gives more versatile shopping options including comfortable off season shopping and extended hours shopping options. If you are thinking about creating an indoor market option for your organic or farmers market business, here are some ways that commercial concreting can help.

Stained Concrete

When you think about the concrete of your indoor market flooring, you may be concerned about limited options. The truth is, you do have more options that your typical concrete coloured flooring. One of those options is to go with a stained concrete. This option allows you to create a floor that has designs, patterns, and even a look that may resemble carpet or woodgrain. This option can open up design patterns including your logo in the middle or entrance to the market. You can also create different stained designs for different areas of the market.

Polished Flooring

If you want to keep a traditional market look, a polished floor may be ideal. Commercial concreting contractors can help you with this option by handling the entire process from laying the flooring to polishing it. The polishing process leaves you with a no wax option. This may be ideal when you begin considering floor maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep. For example, you will not need to have the entire floor waxed and spills will not cause a dulling of the polish. This type of flooring helps you maintain a professional and classic look to the floor while giving you the ability to maintain it easily.


You may not think about stenciling and designs when you consider your flooring options. The truth is your concrete contractor can help you create intricate designs to be stenciled on part or all of the flooring. This option can work with staining and other colouring options such as dyes, to create the look and feel for your indoor market that you want. Stenciling does require a bit more time, but the finished product can give a more artistic feel to your flooring.

By using one or all of these options, you can create a comfortable and safe indoor market environment for your patrons. If you aren't sure which options may be best for your needs, contact your local commercial concreting contractor for ideas. They can give you an evaluation and help you move forward with the best plans for your situation.