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Freezer Room Maintenance Ideas

by Peyton Sanders

Freezer rooms and refrigeration units are an important installation for many businesses. From pharmaceuticals to perishable foods, freezer rooms help prolong the shelf life of materials, giving the business much-needed assured storage. For medicinal products, refrigeration units not only ensure the storage of the product, but also guarantee its preserved functionality as well.

It is very easy to overlook the state of the refrigeration unit, especially if it is giving the usual cold air you are accustomed to. This, however, can lead to quite costly refrigeration repairs needed. To avoid this expensive eventuality, here are some things you can regularly do to maintain a freezer room in optimal working conditions.

Keeping temperature logs

While it may be considered a mundane thing, temperature logs are a good way of identifying freezer room problems before they occur. A simple daily temperature log for a consistent specific time can tell you if there has been a significant change in the temperature inside your freezer room. A significant increase in temperature is usually a sure sign that you may soon need refrigeration repairs. Keeping a log keeps track of such changes in the interior environment of your freezer room, telling you when you need to look at things more carefully.

Scheduling checks

For a commercial refrigeration unit, it is extremely important to schedule checks with a qualified refrigeration repair expert. The checks should be as frequent as every month. This eliminates the chances of your freezer room or refrigeration unit getting impromptu damage. The refrigeration repair expert will easily spot and correct issues within your unit before they adversely deteriorate to more expensive problems.

Cleaning the unit

It is not surprising how easily many people forget to clean the inside of freezer rooms and refrigeration units. Cleaning your freezer room actually lowers the amount of energy used to keep your refrigeration unit cool. It is also more sanitary and healthy, especially if your freezer room is used to store perishable food material.

One of the components of refrigeration units that should be regularly cleaned is the condenser unit. Condenser coils usually get clogged with dust, dirt and oils, which force the coils to draw even more energy when at work. Cleaning condenser coils should be done at least once a month. If you are not well acquainted with refrigeration unit parts, it is best to have a qualified refrigeration repair expert clean them for you.

Remember, only use soap and warm water to clean your unit. Do not use chemical detergents and scrubbing materials such as steel wool since these may damage the unit.