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How to add lighting to your glass splash backs

by Peyton Sanders

Glass splash backs give your kitchen an elegant and unique touch that can make your home much more valuable. You can take things even further by adding lighting to your glass splash backs. In fact, there are many different designs and colours you can use for illuminated splash backs. You can choose between lighting on the outside or on the inner surfaces of the splash backs.

Regardless of the option you choose, here are 4 ways you can bring illuminated glass splash backs to life.

1. Consider recessed lighting options

Perhaps the simplest way of adding lighting to your glass splash backs is by using recessed lighting options. To get this look right, consider having subtle lights installed near the front surface of your glass panels. The recessed option keeps lighting discrete and elegant. This method is also cheaper and more convenient to install. And if one of the bulbs burns out, replacement is a quick and easy process.

Recessed lighting (for glass splash backs) works best if you have low countertops and overhanging cabinet space. This allows you to install the lighting right underneath your cabinets and adjacent to the glass surfaces of your splash backs.

2. Use a backlit design

 An even more innovative option is to use a backlit design for your splash backs. This essentially means embedding LEDs behind the glass panels and controlling them via external switches.

The backlit design provides more intricate customisation options than recessed lighting. You can vary the brightness, hues and patterns of your glass splash backs in unique ways. The only limitation you have is in the types of LEDs you use and how they're installed behind your glass.

To make the backlit design work, you should be prepared to carefully maintain the glass splash backs. Remember that any damage to the wiring of the glass itself may also damage your lighting (and replacement may be costly). Exercise caution when using your kitchen so you don't incur unnecessary repair costs.

3. Carefully select the lighting colour

When installing illuminated glass splash backs, colour is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. You need a colour that represents the theme of your kitchen and the look that you're trying to achieve.

In some kitchens, neutral lighting such as off white, orange or light green works well. These options are especially useful if your glass has etched designs or complex patterns (you don't want the area to look too busy or messy). For simpler glass splash backs, you may opt for a bold choice such as red, blue or purple. LEDs in backlit splash backs provide more colour options/combinations than recessed lighting.