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Two Situations in Which You Might Want to Buy an Electronic Opener for Your Roller Garage Door

by Peyton Sanders

Whilst you don't necessarily have to own a garage roller door opener, there are certain situations in which this device could be extremely useful. Here are some examples of situations in which you might want to purchase this item.

You have arthritis in the joints in your upper body

If you have arthritis which affects the joints in your upper body, then it is definitely a good idea to buy an electric opener for your garage's roller door. The reason for this is as follows: if the joints in this area of your body are arthritic, you may find it very uncomfortable and laborious to open and shut a roller door manually, as you need to use your hands, elbows and shoulders to push the door up when opening it and to pull it down when closing it.

It could also make this seemingly simple task quite time-consuming, as the stiffness and pain in your joints may force you to do it very slowly or to take a break midway through the opening or closing process.

If this is a problem that you have been dealing with, then you would probably find an electric door opener very useful, as it will enable you to open and close your garage's roller door in seconds by pressing the button or switch on the opening device. Buying this device will mean that you won't have to subject your arthritic joints to any unnecessary strain or endure the frustration of spending too much time on what should be a quick task.

You are worried about the garage door being left open

If you use your garage as a storage area for high-value items (such as a racing bike or an expensive set of tools), then it is important to keep it locked when it is not in use.

If you have a manually-operated roller door, this is easier said than done, as you need to exert a lot of force to ensure that the bottom of it comes into contact with the ground (if you don't do this, the door may not lock properly). If, for example, you leave a tiny gap of a centimetre or two between the bottom of the door and the ground, it will not lock and could be opened by any unsavoury individuals who walk by your garage.

Using a garage roller door opener is a great solution to this issue, as when you press the 'close' button on this device, the door will continue to move downwards until it reaches the floor and locks automatically.

This will then spare you from having to worry about thieves gaining access to any valuable goods housed behind your roller door because the door wasn't closed correctly.