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How to build your jetty the right way

by Peyton Sanders

When you live on the coast, you can't really make the most of your property unless you have easy access to the water. It's great to be able to look out across the water each day, but many people would much prefer the opportunity to get out in their boat and enjoy a day on the water rather than just looking at it.

Keep your boat close at hand

Part of the reason that people don't get to use their boats as much as they would like is that they can't access their boats without the need to drive to the nearest harbour. If you want to be able to access your boat at times that are convenient to you, then you really need a private location to moor it. It must be somewhere close to your home where you can come and go at any time of the day or night. The obvious solution is a private jetty so that you can reach your boat whenever you wish, but the thought of embarking on a building project of that scale is often concerning for those who do not have a lot of experience with marine building projects. While building jetties might seem intimidating, it does not have to be an impossible dream.

Building your own jetty

By choosing an expert marine engineering company, you can create the perfect jetties for your boat. Here are three things to consider before starting to build your jetty.

  • Choose the right company - You must ensure that the company you choose has sufficient marine building experience. Marine building requires specific knowledge that will be beyond the scope of most conventional building companies. Don't take a chance on a company that doesn't have proven marine building experience. If your chosen company doesn't have the right skillset, any structure they build will not last in a marine environment.
  • Choose the right materials - Think carefully about the materials that will be used to construct your jetty. Do you want a wooden construction, a stone jetty, or something made from pontoons? Each of these jetties will have a different cost, but importantly, they will also have different maintenance requirements. If you don't have a lot of time or money to spend caring for your jetty, you must select the option with the lowest maintenance requirements. You will also need to think about the permits that may be required in your locality. Check with your local authorities that your desired jetty will not breach local planning laws.
  • Count the cost - All jetties cost money, but some will have higher ongoing costs than others. When planning for your jetty, you will need to think about not just the initial construction costs, but also the ongoing monthly costs that will be incurred for maintenance. Once you have a jetty, you are responsible for ensuring that it is kept in good repair, so calculate the costs before you begin.