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Choosing the Right Bulk Haulage

by Peyton Sanders

If you supply food and beverage or are a distributor of these products, then bulk haulage is important to you. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, which can impact an important business relationship. This is the reason why a lot of companies opt to use a third party that focuses on transporting. They can get your merchandise to where it needs to go. However, you need to consider that not all companies can give the same quality of service. There are some factors you need to look for before hiring a company:

The Cost

Most companies do not overcharge for bulk haulage, but there are some that do, and you should be careful. Moving break-bulk freight with the same amount using a container should be a lot less expensive compared to the traditional means. Ask for their computation and why they are giving that price.

Safety Standards

When handling products, it is only normal to hire a bulk haulage company that prioritises safety. This matters even more when they are transporting food products and liquids like alcohol. The company should have a complete explanation of their safety standards before it delivers anything. In addition, the company should have a set of safety standards that follow industry requirements. You want to be sure that your products will arrive at the destination safely and securely.


The bulk haulage company should be used to carrying different goods like commodities, cars, manufactured goods and perishable goods. They should have adapted containers that are for transporting dry cargo, refrigerated cargo and liquids. Normally, the containers they discard are recycled so they can be used for different purposes.

They Should Give a Personalised Full-Service

Not all businesses are the same because there are companies that require air transportation. There are those that need trucking or shipping, and other companies need all of those. There is no way of knowing if your transportation needs are going to change based on your business. This is the reason why a bulk haulage company is what you need so you can be offered with different options. Shipping food from cold storage needs a refrigerated transport cargo. The company should understand your needs, and they should be able to respond to these needs. A company that you can have a good relationship with is going to matter a lot in the long run.

By taking note of these important things, you will find a bulk haulage company that will fit your needs.