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Why you should invest in authentic wood shutters for your home

by Peyton Sanders

Exterior shutters do much more than protect your windows from outside elements. They also boost kerb appeal and can elevate a dull-looking home to fetch a higher price in the market. Exterior shutters also influence the theme of your home. If you're going for a dated and timeless look, raised wood panels will do the trick. On the other hand, vinyl louvers fall in line with a modern feel.

Regardless of your design preferences, you should consider authentic wood shutters as the material of choice. Indeed, wood species such as pine, cypress, cedar and mahogany produce the highest-quality and attractive exterior shutters in the market. Here's why choosing authentic woods should be an obvious choice. 

1. Add a warm and original touch to your windows

Whether it's cold or warm outside, looking at authentic wooden products is always an uplifting experience. The same concept applies to your exterior shutters. Working with authentic wood gives your home a warm and uplifting feel, even when it's raining outside.

Authentic woods come in a light brown or a deep red colour, which contrasts well with many different window designs. Furthermore, the veining patterns from the original tree are still present on each panel of wood used for your shutters. This means that you don't need to tell your guests where the wood came from; the shutters will speak for themselves.

2. Incredible durability

One of the biggest benefits of authentic wood is that it's durable. As opposed to other window shutter materials that undergo multiple manufacturing processes (including the addition of low-quality filler), authentic woods are only minimally modified in the processing plant.

In fact, the biggest change made to each plank of wood is cutting it to size, staining (or painting) it, and sometimes adding a sealant to prevent water damage. This means that your wooden shutters will retain their natural durability for a long time to come. It also means that you'll spend less on maintenance or replacement over the years.

3. Multiple painting options

Speaking of paint, authentic woods such as mahogany, cypress and pine are perfect candidates for multiple colour options. Whether you're looking for a bold selection to make a statement or a neutral colour that blends with your yard, authentic woods will accentuate the theme of your home and bring it back to life. The painting and staining patterns you use will also remain in good shape for a long time to come (while requiring minimal maintenance).