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Top Tips When Building a Deck.

by Peyton Sanders

A deck is one of the best return on investment projects you can add to your home. It not only improves the appeal of your landscape, but it is also a perfect place to hold family meetings and dinners. The extract below discusses the various considerations to make when building a deck.

Deck Design

Below are a few tips to help you when choosing a deck design;

  1. What is your preferred size? Think of the number of chairs and tables you will place on the installation.
  2. How many levels do you want? Large decks should have two or three levels. It helps improve the appearance of the deck.
  3. What colour do you need on your deck? Different trees have varying shades. For example, stringybark will give a yellow colour while redwood will give a reddish finish.
  4. Will you have a shade or awning on the deck? These will shield you from harsh weather.
  5. What accessories do you want? Accessorise your deck with a few plants, good lighting and some wall hangings. 

Deck Builder

Your builder should be someone experienced in deck construction. Ask him or her for pictures of previous projects or referrals to former clients. What is the builder's competence? Do not be too shy to ask questions on how the professional will accomplish the task. For example, what are the best materials to use during construction? Choose durable materials such as pressure-treated wood. Will the builder have an earthmover on-site? You may want to warn neighbours of noisy conditions. 

The builder should visit your home to examine the best location to put up the deck. The professional should then provide drawings of the intended works and inform you how long the project should take to complete. Also, he or she should have a general liability insurance cover. 


Ask your builder for a quote detailing the costs of labour and materials. The builder must be reasonably priced. Feel free to source materials if you can get them at a cheaper rate than what the builder has quoted. Ask for a contract detailing the scope of works and the agreed payment plan. 


Your deck should be clean at all times. Stain or paint the deck with waterproof-, mildew- and UV-resistant products. Promptly repair areas with split wood to prevent further damage. 

The primary considerations to make when putting up a deck are the deck's design, builder, pricing and maintenance. Go for quality products that will last a lifetime. For more information, contact a deck builder.