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Inspiring Trendy Designs to Discuss With Your Custom Home Builder

by Peyton Sanders

One of the many advantages of working one on one with a custom home builder is that you get an opportunity to discuss how to personalise every detail of your custom home. In other words, you retain total control over the entire experience, and that can be a learning opportunity. However, despite being a dream come true for most people, building a custom home requires that you choose a design among the hundreds available, and that can be overwhelming. This article highlights some of the hottest luxury trends you can discuss with your custom home builder.   

Outdoor Living — Backyards, pools and patios are increasingly being styled after 5-star resorts. It is driven by the increased demand for house designs that allow free-flowing indoor-outdoor living space. As such, custom home builders are building luxury homes that enable homeowners to enjoy the exterior of a house just as they do the interior. A great example of how custom home builders are incorporating outdoor living space into their designs is the building of outdoor kitchens and fire pits next to the swimming pool. Oversized sliding doors and arches improve fluidity between the indoor and outdoor space and, when open, create the illusion of a single living space.   

Waterfall Features — The modern homeowner wants to live in a rejuvenating space, and that is why waterfalls are increasingly becoming a popular feature in most custom luxury homes. Water in motion has a way of engaging a myriad of human senses, from hearing to feeling to seeing. All these experiences evoke different types of emotions and can be therapeutic and relaxing to the mind and body. If you have enough room on your property, then you might want to discuss adding a waterfall feature in your backyard. However, you must ensure that the waterfall feature fits into the style and design of your home if your objective is to have an outdoor living space to die for.   

Heated Entryway Floors — Although winters in Australia are not that cold, that isn't stopping homeowners from installing heated entryway floors. Traditionally, heated floors were restricted to bathrooms and bedrooms. Today, they are a popular trend in custom home building. When functional, a heated entryway floor welcomes guests with unrivalled warmth the moment they take off their freezing boots and step into your entryway, and they will thank you time and again. If you are worried about energy bills, don't worry, because heated entryway floors can use stored solar energy for heating.  

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