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Advantages Of Aluminium Scaffolding's Inherent Light Weight

by Peyton Sanders

For the longest time, wooden scaffolding was used for accessing high places for different projects. Today, metal scaffolding is more widely used, with aluminium being one of the materials used.

Aluminium is an excellent material choice for scaffolding because of its high load-bearing capacity. What else stands out is its light weight. Aluminium scaffolding comes with several inherent benefits, including the following.

Smaller Transport Costs

Material weight is a primary factor that influences transportation costs. You will not have to worry about spending a significant amount on getting the scaffolding to and from your site.

For starters, no additional equipment will be necessary for loading and unloading the aluminium scaffolding parts into the vehicles. Similarly, no extra or specialised labour will be required for the same.  

Easier Assembly and Disassembly

The light weight makes setting up and dismantling the various parts of aluminium scaffolding quite easy. This relative ease means spending less time on the process of assembling and disassembling, and workers can get on with the actual work. You can look forward to avoiding unnecessary delays and staying on track with project deadlines.

Less Labour Required

Apart from how little time it will take, the ease of assembling and disassembling on account of the light weight also means that both tasks will not require many people to execute. The light weight also makes the different pieces very portable, and moving these to the actual set-up site is quite easy and not as labour-intensive.

Just a few members of your crew can handle the work, as the rest get on with other tasks. This, again, will help you stay with the timelines for your project.

Less Potential for Damage And Injury

Scaffolding made from a heavier metal such as steel can cause real damage to delicate surfaces around the worksite if there are any accidents. The same goes for bodily injury should the pieces fall on someone.

With aluminium scaffolding, the damage and injury, if any, will not be as severe. You will avoid unexpected repair costs, medical care bills and all the costs that come with a liability claim after such accidents.

Scaffolding is invaluable for all types of projects where you will be working at heights. Each material has its advantages, and as highlighted, aluminium scaffolding, can, in several ways, help you to stay on top of your project costs and timelines.   

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