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Bringing in a Scaffold? Why You Need to Understand Your Responsibilities

by Peyton Sanders

If you own a large commercial building that extends over several storeys, then it may be time for you to paint or otherwise repair the exterior of the property. This is quite a substantial job and you will, of course, need to bring in experts to do this. But you've also got to erect a safe working platform for them to take care of their business. If you've never rented a scaffolding structure for this type of work before, what do you need to bear in mind when it comes to practicality and safety?

Understanding the Challenge

As you know, a scaffolding structure must be built according to strict guidelines, and you should only work with experts in this area to make sure that everything is done correctly. Nevertheless, you are ultimately responsible for anyone who works on your site and for those who may be in the general vicinity, so you should be aware of the rules that will apply once the structure is in place.

Areas for Your Attention

  • All of those people who work on or near to the scaffold must wear the appropriate safety clothing, including a hard hat and nonslip shoes.
  • Create a safety area around the structure and ensure that no members of the public are able to access the scaffolding or may be in danger from any falling items.
  • Ensure that there is a sufficient amount of safe space between the structure, the people who are working on it and any adjacent powerlines.
  • Make sure that workers are only allowed to access the scaffolding structure once a full safety check has been completed and that they never take any shortcuts when it comes to their ultimate safety.
  • From time to time, workers may need to take tools or other equipment with them as they access the scaffold. Always ensure that all of these materials are removed at the end of the shift.
  • You should also have in place a set of rules that dictate when individuals can work and when they cannot, especially when it comes to inclement weather, storms or strong winds.

Your Responsibility

While the scaffolding supplier is responsible for building the structure in accordance with all the various rules, regulations and safety standards, you must be fully engaged here as well. Remember, there is a lot on the line when it comes to liability or potential exposure, so you should be more than just familiar with the principles as well.

To learn more about scaffolding hire, contact a scaffolding rental company in your area.