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3 Sure Signs Professional Plumbing Contractors Should Clean Your Clogged Drains

by Peyton Sanders

Most homeowners know when it's time to groom their pet, mow their lawn or even get some new garden seedlings, but they hardly think about the drains or even know when a plumber should clean them next. Most homeowners don't just forget to maintain their drains, but they also misuse them. They dispose of whatever they don't need through them without scheduling professional cleaning to make them more efficient. Soap, hairballs and mineral build-up clog drains in a big way and unclogging them yourself might just lead to other serious plumbing problems. Getting a professional plumber to clean your drains is an excellent maintenance practise you shouldn't skip. But when should you do it? Just read on.

Your Drains Are Backed Up

If you notice the drains are backed up, you should contact a competent plumber to clean them before something worse happens. Sadly, what causes the drainage pipes to back up might not be easily cleaned with tap water. Although running the taps is the first thing you want to do to unclog the drainage system, it can hardly fix the problem. The water in the low-lying drains — sewer sump pits or basement drains — might back out, but this doesn't mean they are clogged. However, a plumber should assess your drains to know why they back up and clean them professionally to fix the problem.

Lurking Sewer Odour

Sewer odours could mean the caps of the drainage system are loose or the sewer content or water lays stagnant in the drains. Sewer water should wash away, but it often stagnates when the pipes are clogged. If the drains were in good condition, they could wash away the stench and the contents causing it. If the plugs or caps of your drains are missing or probably loose, the stinking gases could escape, causing the lousy odour to lurk in your home. Sewer smells could also be inevitable if the drain or sewer traps have already dried out. No matter what causes the disgusting odour in your home, you should hire an experienced contractor or plumber to clean the drains.

Drains Get Clogged Quite Often

If you have clogging issues to handle every month, you have a structural problem to address. Drains could clog due to normal usage, but you shouldn't take the problem lightly. The multiple clogs you experience monthly indicate the drains aren't in good shape. When the plumbing pipes develop structural defects, they often clog even without excessive usage. The multiple smaller clogs you notice could be due to a clog somewhere deeper in the drains. If the pipes are old, they might have corroded, causing those frequent, distressing clogs. Professional plumbers use HD sewer cameras to find out if the clogs are due to a faulty sewer system.

Any time you notice any of the above signs, don't try those plunging efforts because they won't solve anything. Work with a professional plumber since they know how to identify hidden clogs and the friendly cleaning reagents and tools to use to unclog the drains.

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