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Ways Structural Steel Framing Will Keep Your Residential Construction Costs Manageable

by Peyton Sanders

When in search for building supplies, it is unsurprising that you will automatically correlate structural steel with large-scale structures such as bridges and skyscrapers. In truth, though, structural steel has progressively made its way into residential construction as the leading framing alternative. Since this material is a staple in commercial construction, you could be thinking that opting for structural steel framing will only function to inflate your overall budget but this is untrue.

You may be surprised to learn that not only will you get to enjoy the advantages that structural steel offers commercial buildings, but it can also help in reducing your overall budget. Here are just two ways that structural steel framing will keep your residential construction cots manageable.

Structural steel framing will accelerate your build time

As most people are aware of, time is money and this rings particularly true for construction projects. While some individuals may want their residential property erected as soon as possible so that they can occupy it in the short term, you should bear in mind that the longer the project is drawn out, the more expense you will accumulate in the form of labour. Thus, if you want to stick to a relatively short projected timeline, you should select supplies that will facilitate a fast build. Structural steel contributes to quick build time in a couple of ways.

First, the acquisition of prefabricated structural steel supplies eliminates the time and effort required to engineer the framing on site. Secondly, since the framing was pre-engineered offsite, you are assured of quality assurance, and this goes a long way in eliminating human error during the construction process. Resultantly, the residential construction project will be completed in a short time and save a substantial amount of money on labour costs.

Structural steel can be cost-efficient

The second reason why you electing to utilise structural steel framing will help in keeping your residential construction costs low is the overall affordability of this material. Granted, newly manufactured structural steel does come with a high price tag. However, you can bypass investing in brand-new supplies and instead opt for recycled structural steel, which will costs significantly less than its newly manufactured counterpart does.

Thus, not only do you get to acquire structural steel affordably but you are proactively protecting the planet too, as this minimises building supplies making their way into landfills. The second reason why structural steel is considered an affordable framing material is due to its unparalleled longevity. Exposure to external forces such as bush fires, high winds and even pests. Therefore, you will not have to pay for routine repairs. Furthermore, you get to enjoy affordable insurance premiums due to the durability of your house.