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Does Your Home Have a Strong Foundation?

by Peyton Sanders

How stable is your property? Whether you live in a large ten bedroom property with multiple reception rooms or a smaller dwelling with a just a single bedroom, you must have confidence that your property has a strong foundation and isn't going to begin to subside or pull itself apart. Ensuring the strength of your properties foundation is usually something that happens at the building stage but that isn't always the case.

Does your new property need piling?

When you are planning a new building then you must take time to consider the type of foundation you will need. You may need to work with a geotechnical engineer or your building contractors to examine the soil in your location and make certain that it can support whatever you plan to build. If the strength of the soil is found to be insufficient then piling may be introduced at the beginning of the building process. By sinking piles onto the rock deep below the surface you can be certain that any home built on those piles will be strong and stable.

Does your existing property need piling?

While inserting piling to support a new property is common, there are also times that an existing property may also need piling. Perhaps a mistake was made during the initial construction and the soil was not sufficiently compacted leading to it starting to subside? Maybe building work has been carried out close to your property and this as damaged the foundation so that piling is now needed? Whatever the nature of your problem, speaking to a piling contractor will help you find a solution to your foundation problems.

Does your new property extension require piling?

Perhaps your existing foundation is fine for your property but you have plans that will make it insufficient. You might be considering adding another floor to your property or increasing the weight in some other way, such as the installation of solar panels. Adding weight to your home can cause your existing foundation to give way if it is not sufficiently strong. Talk to your local contractor today to find out the best way of strengthening your foundation and ensuring that your home remains safe and protected for many years into the future. Whatever questions you may have, they will be best placed to guide you through the repair process and explain what options are available to you at every stage.

For more information, contact a piling contractor in your area.