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Different Places to Install Polished Concrete

by Peyton Sanders

Polished concrete is created when pads of progressively finer grits are worked over a hard cement surface. The result is a shiny and sophisticated flooring can you can install in a variety of places, both commercial and residential. Here are several areas in particular to consider. 

Retail Store

Delicatessens, cafes, and clothes stores are just three possible businesses that benefit from a polished concrete floor. You can choose between different sheen levels, ranging from matte to highly polished. This flooring displays a sleek stone-like appearance because of the pebble aggregates embedded within the cement. Because the surface is seamless and without grout lines, the floor will give your business a sophisticated modern edge, warmed by the natural stone elements. To ensure the safety of employees and customers, contractors can spread an anti-slip sealant over the concrete.

Residential Garage

Another place that you can enhance with this flooring is your home garage. Rather than leaving porous concrete in place that takes in oil spills to give your garage a grimy look, you can polish the cement and cover it in a protective sealant to prevent staining.  An attractive garage will open itself up to many other uses such as a sports area with a table tennis table and a home gym. By picking and choosing different coloured aggregates, you can custom design the floor to the surrounds. Additionally, concrete is strong and able to carry vehicles, equipment, and foot traffic with ease.

Home Kitchen

While stone tiles are popular for kitchens, you can achieve a unique look with polished concrete instead. Combine cream, black, grey, blue, or pink pebbles to the cement. Once the floor is ground and polished, these aggregates reveal themselves, creating a terrazzo look. A shiny floor will uplift the kitchen, with its muted reflections and reflected light. Alternatively, you could ensure that the contractors stop the polishing while the concrete is at the matte stage to evoke a rustic look. These floors suit industrial kitchen decors but also traditional spaces, as you can choose pieces of granite or other classic materials as aggregates. 

Thus, polished concrete can work in diverse places, both commercial and residential. Because cement is so hardy, it can withstand heavy weights and high traffic. To ensure its resilience and safety, contractors can apply protective sealants with anti-slip additives. One of the main benefits of concrete polishing is that you can select from a wide range of aggregates to decorate the flooring as you wish, and you can generate various shine levels.

Reach out to a professional who provides concrete polishing services to learn more.