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Are you maintaining your tennis court properly?

by Peyton Sanders

Is your home tennis court starting to look worn? Perhaps you have noticed that the ball no longer bounces predictably so that it is hard to maintain a volley? Maybe, you are concerned that you or another player could become injured by tripping on a pothole or uneven part of the court surface? Alternatively, it might be that you have noticed that instead of draining away, water has started to pool on the surface of the tennis court, making it difficult for you to commence a match even when it stops raining and the sun comes out. When you have concerns about the state of your court, your first call should be to a tennis court repair company. They will be able to explain what needs to be done, and they will help restore your tennis court to the original pristine condition.

Completing tennis court maintenance

While there are some issues that only a tennis court repair company can address, other faults can be dealt with through regular maintenance. To prevent the surface of your tennis court from deteriorating, you should ensure that it is being swept regularly with a tennis court broom to remove any debris and to minimize the amount of harmful grime that becomes embedded in the surface of the court. In addition to the surface of the court, you must be sure to trim the edge of the court and to check that that the net remains free of holes and is still held tightly in the centre of the court.

Calling the tennis court repair company

If you have done everything that you can and there are still problems with your tennis court, then a tennis court repair company will be able to resurface or repair your tennis court and make it playable again. Often, tennis court problems can be resolved by arranging for the court to be resurfaced, but if your court is becoming waterlogged, you may also want to ensure that the drainage is correct. If your court has drainage problems, the tennis court repair company may want to address the slope of the court or the drainage in the surrounding area before starting to resurface the court. If water is allowed to pool on the new court surface, it will soon start to break down the surface and cause serious damage once again. Talk to a local tennis court repair company today to learn how they could help your tennis court look its best.