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Why You Should Consider Aluminium Gutter Installation for Your Home

by Peyton Sanders

Installing a residential gutter system is essential for collecting and moving any rainwater that falls on the roof away from the foundation of the house, preventing it from damaging the building. Different types of gutters exist based on the material used to make them. Each gutter material has unique properties, pros and cons that should be taken into account before deciding which one is best for you and your home.

Aluminium gutters are a popular choice for Australian homes. Continue reading to find out why you should consider these gutters for your home, too.

Aluminium gutters are lightweight.

Aluminium's density is lower than those of other common metals, including steel and copper. As a result of this, aluminium gutters weigh less than other metal gutters available on the market — namely steel and copper gutters. The lighter weight of aluminium gutters makes them relatively easier to install than their metal cousins. This can result in substantial labour savings. 

Aluminium gutters are extremely strong.

In spite of its lightweight nature, aluminium is an incredibly strong material that can match the strength of steel and copper without being equally as heavy. As a result, they can carry a high volume of water without suffering damage.

Aluminium gutters are rust-free.

Rust is the archenemy of almost all metals. This makes it essential to install gutters that can withstand constant exposure to water. Installing rustproof gutters is even more important if they will be part of a rainwater harvesting system.

Aluminium readily combines with the oxygen in the air to form a thin film of aluminium oxide on its surface. This oxide layer prevents further reactions between the substrate metal, air and water, thus preventing rust formation. This not only contributes to the durability of aluminium gutters but also keeps the water clean and potable.  

Aluminium is a stylish choice for homes.

Installed along the edges of a roof, gutters contribute to the exterior appearance and beauty of a home. It's therefore important to carefully think about the aesthetics of your gutter installation. 

Aluminium gutters are available in a variety of decorative shapes and colours to match the style of almost any home. If you want, you can even paint them to your liking.

Aluminium gutters may be a bit expensive, but gutter installation is a home improvement project you cannot afford to scrimp on. Consult a residential gutter system installation service to determine if aluminium gutters are the right choice for your home and budget.