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Two reasons to continue getting your premises cleaned when you're renovating it

by Peyton Sanders

If you normally use commercial cleaning services to keep your premises looking clean, you may have considered taking a break from using these services whilst you're renovating your property. Here are two reasons why you should continue using them throughout this project.

You might be able to reopen sooner

The biggest advantage you could experience if you continue to use your commercial cleaner's services during this period is that you might be able to reopen sooner than if they weren't present on the premises during the renovations. The reason for this is that if your cleaner comes into the premises each day after the construction crew have left and gets rid of most of the dust that accumulated that day, gathers up the construction refuse and puts it in the skip and then does some vacuuming, your premises will, at the end of the renovations, be far tidier and in need of far less cleaning to get it ready for reopening than it would be if your cleaner took a break during this period.

This is because whilst contractors and their crews will do a bit of tidying when they're finished, they won't clean with the same amount of effort and expertise as commercial cleaners. If you rely solely on them to clean the property throughout this, your cleaner will have a huge amount of work to do when they return in order to get the premises clean enough for your customers and staff to be in it. As such, if you'd like to reopen within a few days of completing the project, rather than a fortnight afterward, you should continue to have the cleaner come in throughout these renovations

Your construction crew will find it easier to do their work

The other benefit of continuing to avail yourself of your cleaner's commercial cleaning services during this period is that doing this will make it easier for your construction crew to do their work.

For example, if your cleaner ensures that the levels of dust on the premises never reach an excessively high level (i.e., if they ensure that there isn't so much dust in the air that it's hard for people to breathe), the construction crew will be able to work without taking breaks to get fresh air quite as often and won't have to constantly wear uncomfortable goggles to keep the dust out of their eyes. Being more physically comfortable will help them to work at a faster pace than if they were in an environment where there was a huge amount of irritating, eye-watering dust in the air.