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4 Benefits of Using Solar Control Window Film on Residential Windows

by Peyton Sanders

Windows that let in a lot of solar radiation in the summer can make indoor spaces uncomfortable. If you have solar-facing windows, you should install solar control window tint to block UV radiation. Solar control tint is a thin laminate film that works as a reflective surface. When solar rays hit the window, they bounce off the film instead of penetrating the glass. The glass tinting eliminates the need for window furnishings, affording you uninterrupted views of the outdoors. However, this isn't all they offer. Below are four key benefits of using solar control window film on your windows.

Prevent heat absorption

Solar control film prevents window glass from absorbing heat from the sun. In the summer, this feature can significantly boost indoor comfort. With no external heat gain through the windows, your air conditioner can work optimally to cool the home. Furthermore, it won't have to work harder to get rid of any heat gained through the windows. This translates into reduced cooling costs and improved AC performance.

Protect furniture and furnishings

The sun's ultraviolet rays can fade interior furniture and furnishings, including sofas, carpets, curtains, sheers, and wooden pieces. The rays can break down chemicals and dyes used in furniture and furnishings, causing permanent discolouration and fading. High-quality solar control tint can block most of the sun's UV rays, protecting your valuables from premature wear and discolouration. Also, if you have tinted windows, you can place furniture in the desired location without worrying about exposure to direct sunlight.

Reduce solar glare

Solar glare can be a nuisance in home offices and entertainment spaces. The direct reflection from the sun can make it hard to use your phone, work on your computer or watch TV on a sunny afternoon. Window film causes the sun's rays to bounce off the glass instead of penetrating it and hitting the reflective screens of TVs, smartphones and computers. Therefore, it allows you to comfortably work from home and use digital devices without worrying about solar glare.

Achieve daytime privacy

Do you have windows facing a busy street or a neighbouring property? Are you forced to keep the blinds closed at all times for privacy reasons? You should install solar control film on your windows. Besides blocking UV rays, the tint also acts as a privacy film. During the day, it makes the inside of your house less visible from the outside. Therefore, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden or front yard without worrying about nosy passersby or neighbours. Solar control tint comes in light and dark options to suit your privacy needs.

Solar control window film is a great addition to residential windows for the above reasons. Consult your contractor for professional window tinting services.