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  • Five Signs You Need a Tower Crane and When to Opt for a Mobile Crane Instead

    4 October 2016

    If you need to invest in a crane for your business, your main choice is between a tower and a mobile crane. Both of these cranes offer different advantages in different situations. Wondering which crane you need for your project? Here are some signs you may need a tower crane and a few tips on when you should opt for a mobile crane instead: 1. You have a constant need for a strong crane.

  • An Easy Guide To Planning The Perfect Rainwater Harvesting System

    15 December 2014

    People are facing growing concern about finite water resources and how they can conserve and use water more responsibly. Capturing rainwater is one simple method that has been used over the centuries. It is well within every householder's capability today. Perhaps you are keen to harvest one of nature's finest resources to help reduce your escalating water bills. After all it's free! This advice will provide you with the necessary background information and know-how you need to go about harvesting rainwater.