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  • Timber Fencing: Is Paint Or Stain Best?

    20 June 2016

    If you're about to construct a timber fence, you're probably also thinking about the sort of finish you need to apply to this new feature. With a host of paints and stains available, it's sometimes difficult to know which sort of product to use, and everybody seems to have a different opinion. In fact, the right choice depends on what you want (and don't want) from the fence. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

  • Water Filters You Could Contemplate For Your Irrigation System

    19 April 2016

    Investing in water filter supplies for your irrigation system is prudent for a couple of reasons. For one, it ensures that the water you are using for your various irrigation applications is contaminant free. Secondly, these water filter supplies prevent debris and particles from making their way into your irrigation system, as these could cause the breakdown of your system. It should be noted, though, that just as there are a myriad of particles and organic matter that could get mixed into your irrigation water, there are also various types of water filter supplies that you could choose from.

  • Getting Familiar with Residential Surge Protectors

    19 April 2016

    Most homeowners are aware of the importance of surge protection. As such, you will find various outlets in the home equipped with a surge protector to prevent electrical damage to sensitive appliances such a fridges or television. However, although these mini surge protectors would suffice in years past, Australian homes now have numerous electronic gadgets due to how technology keeps growing in leaps and bounds. This is why it would be ideal to consider surge protection for your entire home, rather on selective outlets.

  • It's Like War in Sparta: What Are Your Options When You Don't Agree with Your Strata Manager?

    18 April 2016

    A strata manager is supposed to make sure bills are paid, levies are collected, and all parts of the building you live in are compliant according to the building codes of your state. However, there will be times when the property owners and their strata manager do not agree with the daily running of the building. Take the situation of a building on the Gold Coast, in which owners face an expensive repair bill for failing balcony balustrades, but the current management company has yet to address a problem they have known to exist for over a year.

  • Your Guide to Plumbing for Tiny Houses

    1 March 2016

    In the 21st century, there is a growing movement towards minimalism, specifically when it comes to minimal living. This is most evident in the tiny house movement. People in Australia and all around the Western world are choosing to unburden themselves of extraneous space they don't need and are moving to not just smaller houses, but positively tiny living spaces. Is a tiny house right for you? There are many benefits to jumping on the tiny house bandwagon.

  • Asbestos And Electrical Wiring: Advice For Renovators

    30 December 2015

    Home renovation projects are increasingly popular with Australians who want to develop their own style without having to pay a fortune to get it. To remodel an older house, you may need to divert or replace sections of wiring, but this work can sometimes cause problems, especially if you need to work around asbestos. Learn more about the hazards that asbestos can present, and find out what you need to do to stay safe when dealing with old wiring in your renovation project.

  • The best climbing plants for pergolas

    24 February 2015

    Installing a patio with a pergola in your garden can be a great idea for many reasons. It can act as a social space where you can host cocktail evenings with friends or summer barbecues with extended family. It can be a comfortable area for you to sit and enjoy the surroundings of your peaceful garden. And it can even add considerable valueto your property. But once the construction team has left your garden, this is not the time to ignore your patio.

  • From Raised Garden Beds To Swings: Four Backyard Building Ideas For Environmentalists

    19 February 2015

    If you are an environmentalist looking for a sustainable, durable wood to use in your next backyard building project, it's time to consider the benefits of treated pine. One of several native softwood species, pine grows abundantly in Australia and nearly 70 percent of the pine used in Australia is grown locally. Using locally grown wood puts less strain on the environment than transporting wood from other parts of the world, and as pine grows very quickly, it is a sustainable and renewable source.

  • Selling a house that has asbestos

    19 January 2015

    So you have decided to sell your house, and you want to get the best possible price. This process involves a degree of upselling. You will want to make sure that any prospective buyers are very clear about all the wonderful features that your house has – perhaps close proximity to good schools, or extensive outdoor areas. At the same time, you probably won't want to draw any major attention to issues that your house has.

  • 6 Steps to Take if You Want to Add a Living Area Under Your Raised Queenslander

    2 January 2015

    If you live in a Queenslander, you likely have stumps under your home. Similarly, if you have bought an old Queenslander to move to a new lot, you are probably thinking about adding new stumps, how you should raise your home and what to do with the space beneath your home. A raised home offers protection from flooding, but if you don't live in an area susceptible to flooding, you can take advantage of the area beneath your raised home to build extra bedrooms, lounges or other living spaces.